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The Mountain Training Association (MTA) was set up in 2005 by Mountain Training.  It aims to support walkers, climbers and mountain leaders who are working towards a qualification and help those who already have them to further develop their skills. 

If you are passionate about walking or climbing and want to learn and stay up to date with current practices, then joining the MTA is a must. 


Mountain Training Assosication - How we teach belaying webinar
How we teach belaying webinar by Jon Garside

Even during the COVID crisis, they came up with a plan to keep their members in touch with the outdoors and to continue gaining knowledge and skills. This is in the form of some fantastic webinars. I attended quite a few of them. From the useful and informative sessions about the Mountain Leader/Rock Climbing Instructor assessment and how to find work as a Mountain Leader (both by Paul Poole Mountaineering) to climbing tips and tricks (by Leading Edge) and even one by Ogwen Mountain Rescue.

These webinars are still available in the members’ area. So if, like me, you missed some, then I highly recommend you grab a cuppa and go check them out. I caught up retrospectively on the ecology for leaders and geology – and they are not ones to be missed either. There is even a couple of Kahoot quizzes on one of the webinars to make sure you were listening! So there is a webinar out there for everyone – climbing tips, walking advice, or informative ones on nature and Mountain Rescue. I can’t wait to listen to a webinar by Paul Poole Mountaineering on group management. If some previous questions are anything to go by, Paul will certainly be given some juicy scenarios!

Becoming a member

Mountain Training Assosication - Ecology for leaders webinar
Ecology for leaders Webinar by David Broom

Becoming a member only costs £36 a year. That’s a bargain for all the support, courses, CPD (regional based as well), gear deals and contacts it provides.  You don’t need to be a full-time outdoor instructor to join. Many members have it as their second job, are volunteers or just want to improve their own personal competence. 

The Mountain Training Association is there to support and help you develop, whatever your background, and whatever situation the country is in! So don’t be alone – join in with the 6000+ like-minded members who are already reaping the benefits of the MTA.

So, to watch a webinar, learn more about the MTA or to join, please visit:

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