Explorer naturalist and chameleon

Hiking Mascots – Three musketeers

Please welcome my hiking mascots – the three musketeers! These two little quirky figures, the Explorer and the Naturalist, arrived in the post today, along with the cute chameleon. They will be accompanying me on some of my adventures and having some adventures of their own! However, they need a name. I am opening it up to you all to have a say in what their names might be.  I will choose my favourite one in a week’s time, so getting sending in suggestions!

One name for each:

–          Explorer

–          Naturalist

–          Chameleon

Update – they are now named!

So after some good suggestions from you all, I have decided on Indi, Ana and Jones as the names for my hiking mascots. I must admit, this stood out as a favourite amongst all the suggestions – and I love the play on words. I decided to do a little naming ceremony – to properly introduce them to you all. So please watch the video below!

This video was actually taken during one of my walks. I thought it was only appropriate to take them with me and do it while outside. After all, they are going to have to get used to joining in on these adventures!

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