Walking the rainbow

Peony getting ready to flower

After spending 26 days doing the alphabet walk (have a read of this here: https://whatsnottohike.co.uk/walking-from-a-z), and still in lockdown, I came up with the idea of looking for each colour of the rainbow whilst on my daily walk.  In countries across Europe and America, rainbow pictures have been put up in windows to offer positivity and to show hope during this pandemic – that there is sun after a heavy rainfall.

It was nice to get out for 7 days, thinking about all the keyworkers who are doing a fantastic job, while hunting for the next rainbow colour.  I felt by doing this I was showing some support and recognition. I came up with the rule that whatever we photographed it had to be natural and not man-made.  Therefore, it had to be part of nature, such as flowers, trees, animals. I think it is important to become more aware of the smaller things in our surroundings and to appreciate them.

Small Blue Butterfly

It was raining during ‘green’ day, but this challenge still made me get out for some fresh air.  In fact, it was my favourite walk in the whole 7 days.  I didn’t go far at all, but the quietness of being the only person out in our local park and woodland, the raindrops on the leaves and the smell of freshness added a sense of tranquillity.  I thought I would only be out for 10 minutes, take a quick picture of some grass, and that would be it.  However, I got caught up in the quietness and trying to capture the raindrops on leaves.  It made me aware, that once you get looking, there is lots more to take a photo of than just grass!

Blue was also another fantastic day with nature out in full force – I think the previous day’s rain had made everything more vibrant! The forget-me-nots stood out above everything else, the blue tits were enjoying themselves, and I also managed to get a picture of a blue butterfly.  Upon looking it up I found out that it is the smallest butterfly in the UK, and is imaginatively called a ‘Small Blue’! Indigo and Violet caused a bit of discussion about whether they are actually different colours – please do give your thoughts below! There is the train of thought that they are not two colours – anyway I did my best to differentiate with what I found.

This was a fantastic 7 day challenge – if you don’t want to be committed to such a long challenge as the 26 day alphabet one, then I can highly recommend this one.  Get out, and get spotting those colours that nature likes to show off so brilliantly.

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