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My name is Lizzy, and this is ‘Whats Not To Hike’, a website and blog for everyone – whether you already love the great outdoors or are discovering it for the first time.  It includes articles on hiking, climbing, travelling, nature, kit reviews and many other things. I hope I can inspire and help you to explore, learn about and love the great outdoors.

I am often out walking, scrambling, climbing or travelling and if not doing one of these, then you will probably find me horse riding, paddling or sailing.  I always gain so much from being outdoors – whether that’s new experiences, learning, making new friends, challenging myself, or just enjoying the fresh air and the beauty that nature brings with it. I am a big believer that the journey, rather than the destination, is the most important thing and what brings us happiness – although saying that I do like the sense of achievement of reaching a summit or the top of a climb! 

Memories and laughter are not made from a nice car or a designer handbag (I never plan to have one of those!) but from experiences. I believe everyone should be able to have these experiences, and I hope this website will provide ideas and help people to get out into the great outdoors and also educate people about the nature within it – after all what’s not to hike!

I grew up in Lincolnshire and despite the fantastic quintessential English farming countryside, not many people are aware of it, and hence it’s a lovely quiet county to explore. I now live in Hampshire, UK, which has beautiful countryside around it from the New Forest to the South Downs, and day trips to the Cotswolds and Chilterns are often done.  Nevertheless, despite all this, I frequently travel up to Snowdonia, North Wales. There will always be something magical about those mountains.  And when I am not enjoying the UK’s great outdoors, then I am planning my next trip further afield.

Ever since I was little you would find me outside – whether that was exploring new countries with my parents or simply walking and riding in the English countryside. Since then I have helped to lead expeditions not only in the UK but also in Arctic Greenland and Nepal, and have done personal hiking and climbing in Morocco, Norway, Iceland, the Azores, Canada, America, Spain and Italy to name just a few, and travelled to many countries including Japan, New Zealand, South Africa and Namibia.

My desire to explore has taken me travelling and working throughout the world, but more often than not I am at home in the UK exploring the beauty that English countryside, hills, mountains, rock faces and rivers have to offer.  I have my Summer Mountain Leader Qualification and am shortly doing my Rock Climbing Instructor Training.  I also belong to The Mountain Training Association (MTA), and have a REC Level 4 first aid certificate, and numerous paddling qualifications. These qualifications allow me to challenge myself, but more importantly to learn more about my passions and then to share this knowledge. 

The Great Outdoors – Whats Not To Hike – It’s My Passion And I Hope It Becomes Yours Too. ​